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"It is the best functionality we have ever had in a photo gallery. The size of the images, the easy access, and the ability to move around is awesome."

- Zack McDonald
Daytona Beach Thunder, Inc.

Software Development

Let's face it. One-size-fits-all commercial software suites, although designed for functionality among the majority of businesses, often do not satisfy 100% of the needs of every company. Each firm has unique business processes.

  • Do you engage in 'creative' formatting when entering data for business transactions?
  • Is your current software simply lacking some features that you could use?
  • Does your company still use paper forms and reports?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, consider a custom software application from Lyrehc Business Solutions.

With a system designed just for you, your company can better streamline data entry and reporting. It can reduce paperwork, which ultimately will increase your bottom line.

Custom software is an investment that can provide benefits well into the future, as it can be updated for the changing needs of your growing business.

Lyrehc's development team has vast experience in:

  • Web applications
  • Windows applications
  • Database-driven applications

Using the latest technology, and various programming languages, we can develop a solution that satisfies your business needs and fits your budget.

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Examples of our software development work:
Chassis R&D Racing Software
Bartracks™ Asset Tracking System
Welcome Newborn Java Application