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"Cheryl! is a masterpiece, well-deserving of the exclamation point suffix she frequently adorns. Her shear brilliance, talent, ability, attitude, dedication, insatiable appetite to learn and astounding work ethics make her my recruitment find-of-a-lifetime. As her accomplishments always exceed expectations, corporate clients soon demanded her services exclusively.

No longer privileged of having her on my team, from the distance I am proudly witnessing her progression from tech marvel to entrepreneur and community leader. Her boundless accomplishments never cease to amaze me, and she does this with fun and flair and speed. Watch out America, here comes Cheryl!"

- Edwin Dunckley

Interactive Media

Interactive Digital Media is quickly taking form as a new era of technology dawns. The age of print media is becoming more of a memory as technology increases at an exponential rate. Why simply read an article or advertisement, when you could interact with it?

Lyrehc Business Solutions has the resources and the know-how to bring classic media like art, writing, and music into the digital arena. With these skills, we can deploy various forms of interactive media that would allow your customers, employees, and managers to have the ability to use more robust, eye-pleasing, and more modern forms of communication.

Some of the digital media solutions Lyrehc provides:

  • Kiosk applications
  • Point-of-sale interfaces
  • Interactive photo galleries
  • Web games
  • Macromedia Flash applications
  • Java applets
  • ...and more!

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