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"It is the best functionality we have ever had in a photo gallery. The size of the images, the easy access, and the ability to move around is awesome."

- Zack McDonald
Daytona Beach Thunder, Inc.

Lyrehc Business Solutions: WhatsHappeningDaytona.com

So many times, we have heard people say that there is nothing to do in Daytona unless you are a tourist.


Satisfy the undeniable need for the Daytona Beach area to have a complete resource for finding out what is going on and what to do around town.


Deliver an eye-pleasing, informational website to the local community with comprehensive, up-to-date content about what is going on around town.


With a lot of research, a lot of hard work, and many sleepless nights, we have put together Your Premier Daytona Beach Guide which will inform you of what is going on and give you information, articles, book reviews, patron reviews and upcoming events.

Lyrehc Business Solutions: What's Happening Daytona

The final product can be seen here: www.whatshappeningdaytona.com