Testimonials from our satisfied customers

"Cheryl! is a masterpiece, well-deserving of the exclamation point suffix she frequently adorns. Her shear brilliance, talent, ability, attitude, dedication, insatiable appetite to learn and astounding work ethics make her my recruitment find-of-a-lifetime. As her accomplishments always exceed expectations, corporate clients soon demanded her services exclusively.

No longer privileged of having her on my team, from the distance I am proudly witnessing her progression from tech marvel to entrepreneur and community leader. Her boundless accomplishments never cease to amaze me, and she does this with fun and flair and speed. Watch out America, here comes Cheryl!"

- Edwin Dunckley

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A market analyst came up with a concept for a web site: A place for investors to get concise information delivered to them in a language they can understand. This analyst turned to Lyrehc Business Solutions.


Design and implement a user-friendly, inviting web site to educate and empower individual investors with easy-to-read, concise information. The requirements were to provide an easy-to-use back-end administration tool for upkeep of the site, a simple interface for visitors, and an e-commerce tool for member subscriptions.


Lyrehc exceeded the analyst's expectations, delivering an eye-pleasing design, easy navigation, and an e-commerce system to subscribe to the newsletters. A back-end system was also created for the analyst to update the site without having to learn HTML.

Lyrehc Business Solutions: Loose Change Online

The final product can be seen here: www.loosechangeonline.com