Testimonials from our satisfied customers

"The programming provided us by Lyrehc has put us on indoor football’s cutting edge when it comes to using the internet for day-to-day operation. And I can personally testify to their dedication with 3 AM instant messaging and quick response. Tell them what you need and you’ll get it and more."

- Dan Ryan
Director of Marketing
Daytona Beach Thunder, Inc.

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A market analyst came up with a concept for a web site: A place for investors to get concise information delivered to them in a language they can understand. This analyst turned to Lyrehc Business Solutions.


Design and implement a user-friendly, inviting web site to educate and empower individual investors with easy-to-read, concise information. The requirements were to provide an easy-to-use back-end administration tool for upkeep of the site, a simple interface for visitors, and an e-commerce tool for member subscriptions.


Lyrehc exceeded the analyst's expectations, delivering an eye-pleasing design, easy navigation, and an e-commerce system to subscribe to the newsletters. A back-end system was also created for the analyst to update the site without having to learn HTML.

Lyrehc Business Solutions: Loose Change Online

The final product can be seen here: www.loosechangeonline.com