Testimonials from our satisfied customers

"It is the best functionality we have ever had in a photo gallery. The size of the images, the easy access, and the ability to move around is awesome."

- Zack McDonald
Daytona Beach Thunder, Inc.

It's Jerry Time

It's Jerry Time is a web site which tells the tales of Jerry through animation clips. This site has been heralded in many publications such as Time Magazine, The Boston Globe and Wired Magazine. The site was also nominated for an Emmy Award and several animation awards.


Orin Zucker, the owner of this site, needed a flash based tool for his shoebox which features a collage of images from his collection of memorabilia.


Lyrehc stepped up to the plate to design a tool with popup text boxes for describing each of the items in the collage. This tool was designed in a way which allows Orin to easily modify text of the popup boxes.


Orrin Zucker was very pleased with our results and thanked us with a link on his page as well as a great referral to Welcome Newborn

It's Jerry Time

The final product can be seen here: It's Jerry Time