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"I also appreciate your amazing stamina and your willingness to give up much of your weekend and rest time to help dig me out of this hole. I don't know many people who would have stepped up to the plate and come to the rescue like you have done."

- Jennifer Peck
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Florida Production Engineering

Florida Production Engineering, located in Ormond Beach, Florida, manufactures automobile parts for leading automotive companies such as Chrysler, Nissan, Honda and Hummer. FPE came to Lyrehc to develop a web presence. They had never had a web site prior now and wanted a strong site to be indicative of their skills in the manufacturing industry.


FPE wanted a clean website with strong visuals to be representative of their CAD abilities. They also needed a content management system to allow them the ability to modify the content throughout the site.


Lyrehc created a simple layout with advanced technology features for visualization. A rotating flash header was created for artistic photographic imagery of FPE products. A content manager with a database back-end was designed to allow the content on all pages to be easily modifiable along with an employment manager. Additionally, through the site Lyrehc created animation and interactive tools for visitors to get a feel for the abilities of FPE.


Florida Production Engineering has gained a new presence on the internet and the management of FPE are very pleased with the results.

Florida Production Engineering

The final product can be seen here: Florida Production Engineering