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"Cheryl! is a masterpiece, well-deserving of the exclamation point suffix she frequently adorns. Her shear brilliance, talent, ability, attitude, dedication, insatiable appetite to learn and astounding work ethics make her my recruitment find-of-a-lifetime. As her accomplishments always exceed expectations, corporate clients soon demanded her services exclusively.

No longer privileged of having her on my team, from the distance I am proudly witnessing her progression from tech marvel to entrepreneur and community leader. Her boundless accomplishments never cease to amaze me, and she does this with fun and flair and speed. Watch out America, here comes Cheryl!"

- Edwin Dunckley

Bartracks Asset Tracking System

Saltzer, Sutton and Endicott have designed a product for tracking assets to be used at military bases, hotels, dormitories and anywhere that tracking furniture in rooms is needed. This product was originally designed in Access as a stand-alone application and needed to be converted to a web-based solution for better scalability.


We were required to take the existing Access application and convert it to a browser-based solution. Additionally, we needed to add features that were needed but not available in the Access version, while still maintaining the existing look and feel that their customers had grown used to. In addition, this product needed to be designed to work on any server (Windows, Linux or OSX) using either IIS or Apache with any database (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres).


Lyrehc created a dynamic product that has advanced features and tested on multiple operating systems with multiple databases. We utilized modern technologies with advanced PHP, CSS, AJAX and SQL. Additionally we implemented security features to keep the data secure. This application is also designed to interact with a PalmOS Scanner application for scanning barcodes of inventory and uploading directly from the Palm scanner into the online database.


This product is in its final phase of development and will be available for sale before the end of the year.

bartracks asset system

bartracks asset system