Testimonials from our satisfied customers

"Cheryl! is a masterpiece, well-deserving of the exclamation point suffix she frequently adorns. Her shear brilliance, talent, ability, attitude, dedication, insatiable appetite to learn and astounding work ethics make her my recruitment find-of-a-lifetime. As her accomplishments always exceed expectations, corporate clients soon demanded her services exclusively.

No longer privileged of having her on my team, from the distance I am proudly witnessing her progression from tech marvel to entrepreneur and community leader. Her boundless accomplishments never cease to amaze me, and she does this with fun and flair and speed. Watch out America, here comes Cheryl!"

- Edwin Dunckley

Lyrehc Business Solutions, Inc. is an industry leader in software development, web site design, hosting and marketing - a full service shop capable of assisting with all of your online goals.

We develop solutions that fit your business needs, whether they are basic or complex. Our graphic designers, web developers, and programmers have been in the technology industry for over 15 years.

Our wide range of experience and expertise allow us to produce web-based technology for our clients which includes an easy-to-navigate design, a pleasing look and feel, and programming that complies with search engine indexing technology. In addition, our diverse familiarity with various industries allows for us to provide our clients with an innate understanding of how to customize solutions to fit the individual needs. We do not produce cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all solutions.

In addition to experience, our strength lies in our dedication to customer service. While many companies may simply talk about customer service, Lyrehc Business Solutions actually delivers the best possible service in the industry.

Our Mission
To fulfill your IT needs with high quality customized solutions using the best possible combination of technologies while ensuring your complete satisfaction with all of our services.

Our Promise
We will always provide open communication, flexible terms and conditions and deliver excellence in every aspect of our services.